Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is the King from Cinderella really in his right mind?

So, is the King in the Disney movie Cinderella actually sane? I personally think that he at least has some anger management issues. Take the first time you really see the King, you know, when he is throwing objects at the monocle wearing guy. Yeah, in that scene you see the King throwing many objects that could easily kill the other man... and in the wall you can see that he had thrown a battle ax at him. It is stuck in the wall, right where objects such as vases are being shattered, only missing the intended target because of his ability to duck. And then consider the scene where he starts swinging a sword at him because he didn't get his way! His reasons for wanting to kill this man are basically the same in each of the two scenes, or at least very closely related. The King wants his son to marry so that he can have grandchildren... that is his only reasoning for his outbursts. He even doesn't care if his son actually loves the woman he ends up marrying, or if his son even wants to get married at all. His end goal is grandchildren. His anger and manipulation will not be stunted unless he thinks that he is closer to this goal of his. He even turns purple when he is angry! And his mood swings are likely legendary in the kingdom! When he is getting his way he is the sweetest man in the universe... but if he is not getting his way he is likely to kill you. Basically he cares almost exclusively about himself. Personally all of these things make me think that he is mentally unstable, and if he ever does have grandchildren let us hope that they don't do anything to displease him or else he could try to kill them. I would never have him look after even my dog, let alone any children! In Cinderella II he isn't as bad, but he is still rather selfish and looses his temper quickly. I will admit that since it is a cartoon I do enjoy him as a character, for when he is sweet he is very much so. However, he is highly unstable and I wouldn't want to be in a room alone with him! But here are some pictures of the sometimes lovable, sometimes dangerous king!

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