Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Well Do Most Disney Lasses Know Their Lads By the End of the Movie? Part 1: Ariel and Eric

I was looking at pictures of Disney characters and a few pictures of the lads from Disney movies popped up and it made me wonder... how well do most of these famous Disney couples actually know one another? Some of the couples have days upon days together to at least develop the start of a relationship, but others only seem to spend a few minutes together before they are married. In many cultures it is or was once the custom for a bride and groom to only meet on the day of the wedding, or at the very least have very few interactions before hand. Today, at least in western societies, that is far from the considered norm and so it is by this western norm that I intend to look at these couples relationships. 

Ariel and Eric:

With this pair you have the lass having three days to be on land with him, some mutual fighting of a giant octopus lady, as well as her saving his life whilst as a mermaid and spying on him prior. So, with her watching him on the boat you have her seeing a bit of his character without his trying to be on his best behavior for a pretty girl... however, she never talks to him and probably can't hear what he says very well with the ocean, the dog and the seagull being so noisy. Not long after she saves him from drowning and again doesn't talk to him, but she does get to hold him and sing to him, so at least she has some ability to verbally express some sentiment, and he does actually recall it all to some degree. Then, you have the three days they spend on land together, which might be enough time to at least learn some basics about each other... but she cannot speak during any of that time so he can't learn quite as much about her. It does give her time to learn a bit about him, yet, she was already in love with him before now so she probably wouldn't care if he was mad. Then there is the big fight at the end, which again doesn't really give much background information or even a chance to just sit and chat. Ach, and what do you know they get married almost immediately after. Granted we don't see the behind the scenes prep of the wedding and it may have taken as much as a few weeks, but from what we can see of this Disney couple, they really don't know much about each others likes, tastes, etc. However, I do give them credit for spending more time together before the wedding than many Disney couples, and Eric does seem to love her excitement and uniqueness, for instance the combing of her hair with a fork and the crazy wagon driving. So in the end I would give them a 'pass' in the Disney world, but in the real world I would say that they probably could have used a bit more time to make sure they were really right for one another and to get past some of their differences.

Time Together=6/10
Couples Cuteness=8/10
Overall=15/30 (it would have been much higher if they had talked)


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