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Would the Combination of Human and Goat Change Mental, Physical and Cultural Aspects?


Would the Combination of Human and Goat Change Mental, Physical and Cultural Aspects?

  • Note, I am not doing this in a technical manner and some aspects could be incorrect, this is a theoretical viewing of the mythical fauns.

The Brain:

First, let us look at what might change the brain. The only aspects of this I shall discuss is that of how having goat type legs, hooves and ears might change how the brain works. With hooves there is a lack of 'touch' sensations, thusly, you never have neurons firing over such sensations. There is also virtually no chance of the hooves being injured, damaged yes, but hooves can be trimmed without injury or pain to the bearer. Then there is the matter of the bottom half of a faun being covered with fur, surely that would change how touch affects the brain, as well as cold and heat sensations. The change in leg shape also could affect how the brain relays and receives information in regard to them. Their ears are a completely different shape and this means that sound comes into them in a different matter... in a way, sound might sound different with such an ear. But, no matter how the sound sounds... the brain is going to be receiving something entirely different, and the frequencies of the sounds they are able to pick up are likely different than a human.


Leg composition would be exceptionally different than that of a human. Thusly, how the legs can move would be different. Things like jumping and climbing might be a little easier, though with only two legs it is hard to guarantee... if not easier than at least perhaps a little more efficient. Since they are fairly goat like, it is doubtful that their legs would be able to make the full range of motion our legs can. Such as, it is hard to imagine a faun doing the splits (with each leg completely off to the side,) it is true that humans usually cannot stretch to that extent, but you get the idea. Then there is the addition of horns and hooves, however, I feel that they add more to brain and cultural changes. There is the addition of fur, which definitely would change the body, for instance, there is less heat dispersal for a faun than even a human with a pair of jeans on... so it would basically be like wearing a fur coat on your legs and bum all of the time. Finally, there is the matter of... male parts. With the main faun in "The Chronicles of Narnia," he is naked with the exception of his scarf and, well, his fur. So, either he has really long fur which covers things up, really small things to cover up, or he has a completely different physiology than either a human or a goat... or most mammals for that matter. But then again male centaurs from the same movie seem to lack similar aspects, from what we can see, but they always take care to have that area in the shadows. However, since they are suppose to be part horse, part human, it should look something like a stallions undercarriage, and you can hardly miss that. But it is a PG, Disney, children's movie, so that might explain it.


Next, let us look at how the combination of human and goat aspects might change culture. First, let us think about how attractiveness in faun culture would be viewed. It obviously would be somewhat different than what we as humans think is attractive... after all, if someone came walking down the street with legs like a goat, most of us would be not only in shock, but kind of turned off. If faun culture had television, magazines, games, etc. then what would the attractive bodies be. Would mainly the upper half me focused on? What would body building equipment look like? Would they even bother working on their legs? Would there be anything to be done to improve ones butt? Then there is the matter of clothing. They don't seem to wear as much clothing as we do... partially that is because they don't need such clothing because, their bottom half is covered in fur. But what of the top half. Male fauns don't wear anything on top usually, unless they are going into battle. As for female fauns, they tend to wear something on top, but it, like that of the centaur female attire, does not cover up the entire upper portion of the non-head body, in fact, the clothing tends to cover little but the breasts. Also, there is no need for shoes, and they don't decorate their hooves, so we are talking about a culture that doesn't put much stock in clothes or fashion on the whole. That doesn't mean they have no cultural stock in it, but it is not as prominent as with humans. Even Lucy's best faun friend doesn't wear anything to her coronation except a nicer scarf! Talk about a fashion risk!  
In conclusion, while fauns may be half human, their culture, brain and physiology is not strictly human... or at least not strictly 'Western Cultures Idea of Humanity.' No matter how their ideas, views, etc. may be different from ours, they are pretty awesome. They have some fun armor and can kick some serious butt! They are always really good jumpers when they want to and quite loyal, even under torture! I for one wouldn't mind being friends with a faun... and at the very least, if I have to fight an Evil White Witch, I wouldn't mind having a faun by my side.

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