Friday, June 21, 2013

How Well Do Most Disney Lasses Know Their Lads By the End of the Movie? Part Two: Bianca and Bernard

Bianca and Bernard:

So with this couple you have two entire movies basically before they get married. They don't get engaged until the end of the second movie so they have a TON of time to get to know one another! In the first movie you have more back type getting to know one another, while in the second you have Bernard trying to propose to Bianca... and compete with the outback kangaroo mouse. But through both movies they definitely have time to talk. In the second movie they even go out to eat and chat... well sort of chat, for with Bernard trying to propose it is hard for them to have a regular conversation. In any case though, they actually go on a date, they go on rescue missions, they risk their lives together, go on trips to other countries, etc. Their time together is long, their talks are frequent, and they are amazingly cute! I have known people who have actually cried when they see them get together! So I believe that they get a high score in knowing each other quite well... granted in their case it is two movies verses one so they definitely have an advantage over most Disney couples, but still, even by the end of the first movie they have spent a lot of time talking and getting to know one another. Finally, Bianca is so good for Bernard in that she makes him go beyond himself, to risk more in the quest of life... and he is good for her as he does his up-most to keep her safe and understand her. 

Time Together=10/10 (Two movies after all!)
Conversation=8/10 (Because Bernard is so tongue tied with her...) 
Couples Cuteness=10/10
Overall=28/30 (I know it is a high rating... but just think back to the proposal scene in the second movie, or how tongue tied Bernard gets, and how jealous he gets... they are just so cute)

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