Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Funny (or Terrifying) Disney Freeze Frames: Part 3

Once again we are looking into the sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying, but always interesting world of Disney freeze frames. This time let us look at Disney's... *drum-roll please*...


Kristoff looking at Olaf decides that he really doesn't want to know what happened to Sven's carrot. Sven is on his own this time... but he knows deep withing that Olaf did something unspeakable.

Anna learned early on that the only way to get to dance with your dream man was to cut in. Too bad she hasn't learned that painted women rarely step aside.

Kristoff having recently been given the position of 'Chocolate Inspector' approaches Anna as she is acting suspiciously. He asks to see her chocolate. She innocently replies that she has no chocolate. Things get awkward. He stares her down, she cracks internally, but she will NEVER give up the secret location of her chocolate stash! Having no evidence other than chocolate smudges on her lips and fingertips he has to let her go, but he vows to one day catch her and discover the secret location of her chocolate stash. Chocolate stash... chocolate standoff... chocolate obsessions. Awkward. 

Who knew Han's was only a semi-solid mass?

"If you sing 'It's a Small World After All' just one more time... I swear I'm going to lose it!"

"Sven you silly guy, stop eating my coal, it tickles!"

Brain freeze, brain freeze, can't hold it back anymore!

Anna the fence: "Hey, kids. Wanna buy some chocolate?"

"Mmmm, the taste of sweet victory. Building a snowman WITHOUT Anna! Mwahahaha!" --Evil-Twin-Elsa

Anna having eaten some unknown variety of mushrooms decided that she was Superman and could fly. Thankfully for her Kristoff planned for this eventuality and secured her to a rope.

Anna after having watched all of the Crocodile Dundee movies decided that the only way to get Kristoff to cooperate would be to hang him upside down multiple stories up... sadly she must not have paid too much attention to them or she would know that attaching the rope to herself is not the most effective method--especially when your victim weighs more than you.

Okay, I'm not even going to go there... but THE HORROR!

Elsa hasn't quite gotten the hang of the new selfie craze... or maybe she has mastered it beyond our wildest imaginations.

Apparently too many sandwiches before leaping can cause painful constipation. 

"Ohhhhh, so that is why Elsa has been hiding so long... she stole the truffles. Operation steal the stolen truffles is a go." 

Anna's new part time position as dance instructor not only affords her extra chocolate, but given that she is the Princess she can get away with teaching ridiculous dance moves like this... and then watch the unsuspecting students actually do what she instructed. Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who could cure your cruel streak. 

Here we have a picture from Anna's first royal ball and her first trip to the ER due to a compound fracture in her foot... such frond memories, such a horrible dancing partner.

Little did Anna and Elsa know before this moment that not only was he wearing a toupee, but he also had a tattoo of his mom underneath. 

Elsa can, Elsa can, do whatever an Ice Man can.

Even before the accident Anna was always a little... special.

Olaf's new dream of becoming the next winner of America's got talent isn't going over well with everyone. Sven is trying to support him however by playing the icicles... Anna is just praying it will stop.

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