Friday, January 8, 2016

Funny (or Terrifying) Disney Freeze Frames: Part 2

Okay, so we are back with some more of our favorite Disney movie's funny or terrifying freeze frames. Thus far we have looked at The Little Mermaid, specifically Prince Eric, as well as Beauty and the Beast's Gaston, but today we are going to look into some different characters of a single movie.

And the movie we are looking at today is... *drum-roll please*...


You cannot have the Precious, it is my PRECIOUS!
"Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense..." it's Aladdin melting but hey he's escaping.
Here we are witnessing to our horror the rare event of the "double Rajah/creature of untold terror" as it morphs into two. If you look closely at it's larger form's 'stomach' region you will see the second of the two Rajah's. Note the shocked awe on Jasmine's face while she watches this change and also second guesses her choice of pants asking us, "Do these make my hips look big?" Meanwhile the Sultan is entranced by the sparkles surrounding our unique group.
Moral of this story is... don't lie or your might lose an eye.
Note: Self-hypnosis is not advised unless you have super cosmic powers*
*Super cosmic powers do not guarantee success
Here we find that all of our favorite character's love the new line of Genie hair care products. Please note the happy couple brought together by our line of Genie moisturizing shampoos and conditioners--though Jasmine also used Genie's voluminous hair spray and Aladdin used the new Genie glam for men gel. Meanwhile note the Sultan enjoying his extra soft and "body-lishous" beard and mustache, if you "mustache" it is because of Genie's beards for you beard shampoo. What a happy family and it is all thanks to Genie brand hair care products available at any magic lamp!
Aladdin's demanding schedule of gymnastics, ballet, and tap dancing classes all pay off when he meets up with his friends from the palace, but still those classes cost a fair bit of money which Aladdin makes using his killer skills at the Fish Slide Sandwiches and Underwear Fitting Departments of his local village market.
Just skip to the cave and steal a ruby, my darling!
While these are just a few of the interesting freeze frames Aladdin gives us it does show us that no matter how unusual we think a scene can be when watching it, that rarely compares to a freeze frame. Especially since it allows us to see our favorite movies in a rare light... that of how odd it must be for the makers of our favorite movies to have to do frame by frame work which until completed has to be just a little odd at times. Thank you Disney movie makers for all of your time and foresight into what is needed to make good scenes... and humorous movie pausing.

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