Monday, December 21, 2015

Funny (or Terrifying) Disney Freeze Frames: Part 1

So today I felt like doing something different... we are going to be going to a place rarely visited due to the sometimes humorous and sometimes terrifying nature of it. Yes, we are going to look at some 'perfectly' timed Disney freezes just to see how some of our beloved characters can sometimes be human or perhaps alien.

Let's start with our favorite love to hate baddie, Gaston *applause*:
"They have cheese puffs?"
Not only can he juggle, but he can levitate eggs with his breath... 
Let's not think too much on this one shall we?
This guy has spent a few too many hours alone with mirrors... maybe he didn't like the Beast's mirror because it wasn't focused on him? Let's face it, the man even used a polished pan to look at himself!

Now what about a beloved good guy, someone who is handsome, loves the sea, and can only recognize a girl by her voice... yes, that's right, it is Prince Eric himself--though he doesn't look like himself. So here he is, Prince Eric! *applause*:
Puffer-fish imitations! Eric sure knows how to woo the young ladies out there.
"Waiter I'll have your crab special in the light butter sauce."
"Hmmm, cake or ice cream? Wait, what was I doing?"
Dazed and distracted... oops, wrong movie.
Ain't no party like a flute toot party
While I found many more interesting images of Eric they all seemed to follow the same path hence this question... is it just me or does he often have a vacant look to him when you pause him? Usually wide-eyed he is a handsome Prince, very brave, etc., but I think he might not be quite the brainiac I always thought he was. Any thoughts?

Disclaimer: I love both of these characters and am no way trying to be rude to them or those who love them. Also, I don't own Disney and these pictures therefore do not belong to me.

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